Exceptional Student Education Fall 2020

August 17, 2020

We work diligently to develop plans to meet student needs each year and our efforts to provide the best possible educational experience for all students includes strategic planning for students receiving exceptional education services. Responses to COVID-19 may mean that services look a little different, but our commitment to inclusion and student success remains the same.

Please take a moment to review the questions and answers below about exceptional student education services for Fall 2020. We are eager to partner with families to design and implement an effective program for all students and look forward to seeing all of you either on campus or at Virtually P.K. on Monday, August 24.

Should you or your student need additional support, our team is ready to assist when we return to school on August 24. Contact: Exceptional Student Education.


What does ESE look like for Fall 2020?

Will my student have access to exceptional student education services?
Yes! Students will have access to their specially designed instruction, accommodations, and related services indicated in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504, or Education Plan (EP) regardless of a family’s choice for on-campus or off-campus school attendance.

For secondary students, instruction and services are provided digitally/virtually regardless of whether a student participates in Virtually P.K. Yonge on-campus or off-campus.

For elementary students, instruction and services are provided in-person as well as digitally/virtually for students on-campus and digitally/virtually for students who are attending school off-campus.

Students attending school on-campus are able to transition to remote off-campus instruction at any time and instruction and services will continue uninterrupted.


What if I chose off-campus and don’t have a computer or Internet?
All students 6-12 and all K-5 students participating in Virtually P.K. off-campus are provided with P.K. Yonge Chromebooks. Information regarding technology has been solicited via the Technology Access survey and families will be contacted by our IT office. Information regarding device pick-up may be found: Chromebook and Materials PIck-Up K-12


How will my student know what to do when learning from home?
Teachers have developed remote instruction plans with guidelines, support, and expectations that will be updated on our Virtually P.K. page prior to school starting. In addition, we have considered all aspects of the plans developed for students receiving exceptional education services including IEP/504/EP(Gifted) services.


How does it all work?
All students receiving special education services at P.K. Yonge have a personal plan manager who partners with teachers, students, and families to develop each student’s individualized plan. As part of our shift to on-campus and remote instruction, accommodations for all students were revisited by Dr. Pennypacker Hill (Director of Student and Family Services), plan managers, teachers, and counselors.

Teachers and counselors will make necessary adjustments in order to meet student needs in both the virtual and on-campus environments. Plan managers, who are the Learning Community Leaders, will monitor student progress to determine what, if any, additional support is needed. Students receiving mental health support, occupational therapy, and/or speech and language services will receive direct communication from P.K. Yonge providers to schedule services. IEP/504/EP meetings will be held virtually. Evaluations will be held virtually to the greatest extent practicable.


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