Elementary Drop-Off & Pick-Up at West Entrance Begins October 20

October 15, 2021

Families of P.K. Yonge Elementary Students — We are excited to share another step forward in the revitalization of our campus!

All entrances to P.K. Yonge Oct 20-2021 - map

The Elementary School Circle (via WEST ENTRANCE) OPENS for drop-off and pick-up on Wednesday October 20.

Elementary Families enter campus via the West Entrance by the Guard Booth (not via the Main Entrance). Families approaching the Main Entrance for drop-off and pick-up will be redirected to the West Entrance beginning October 20. Allowances will be made for tardies (Oct. 20-22) as families become accustomed to the new location.

West Entrance: 1080 SW 11th Street


MORNING DROP OFF – M, T, W, Th, F – School Starts at 8:00am
West Gate | opens 7:30am for drop-off | 1080 SW 11th Street


AFTERNOON PICK UP – M, T, Th, F – School Ends at 2:30pm
West Gate | opens 2:00pm for pick-up | 1080 SW 11th Street

AFTERNOON PICK UP – Wednesday – School Ends at 12:45pm
West Gate | opens 12:15pm for pick-up | 1080 SW 11th Street


A reminder that student check-out during the school day is via the West Entrance on SW 11th Street. See School Day Campus Access Changes. There is no family/essential visitor access to campus at the following times: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri: 7:30-8:00am, Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri:  2:00-3:00pm, Wed:  12:15-1:15pm

Middle & high school drop-off and pick-up remains at the South Entrance (by the gym). Students with elementary siblings may be dropped off and picked up with their elementary siblings.There is no family traffic access between the West Entrance and the South Entrance during drop-off and pick-up.

NOTE: Policies limiting campus access to essential visitors only are still in effect.

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