COVID-19 Campus Update | Protecting Ourselves, Vaccines, Quarantine Options

November 15, 2021

P.K. Families — We are beyond grateful to report that our COVID-19 numbers in the school community have been very low in recent weeks (COVID-19 Campus Update). Many thanks to all members of our community. We are eager to continue along this path for the rest of the school year.

Following is a reminder about how to stay healthy during the holiday season, information about vaccines for students under 12, and a reminder and an addition regarding campus quarantine procedures.


Holidays are Approaching | How can we protect ourselves and our families?
While COVID-19 numbers on campus and in the community are much lower than earlier in the school year, our experience tells us that increases in social connections outside of school have the potential to impact COVID-19 numbers in the community and on campus.

With the holidays approaching, we encourage members of the Blue Wave community to do what they can to protect the health of one another. Protecting ourselves includes:

— Getting vaccinated
— Getting tested
— Wearing masks
— Maintaining physical distance
— Self-isolating when sick
— Quarantining after a COVID-19 exposure


Vaccinations for Children and Teens
Vaccinations are now available for everyone 5 years old and older. For local options for children ages 5-11 check your email or Vaccinations for Children and Teens on our announcements page on the web.


Quarantine | Reminders & an Addition
In recent times, families have been provided three options for quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure. We are adding a fourth option. After exposure to COVID-19 or being identified as a close contact:

— Option 1:
Student remains in school if symptom-free and a free COVID-19 test is administered by the school nurse on day 5.

— Option 2:
Student continues to come to school.
A negative test result is not required for the student to remain at school, but the student must be evaluated by the nurse to ensure that the student has no symptoms of COVID-19.

— Option 3:
Student quarantines off-campus and a COVID-19 test is administered by the school nurse on day 5.
With a negative test result, the student returns to school.

— Option 4:
Student quarantines off-campus for 7 days and returns to school on the 8th day.
A negative test result is not required for the student to return to campus.

All close contacts are recommended to monitor symptoms for the full 14 days and to wear a mask.

Families may choose any one of the quarantine options, provided the student does not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. Information regarding quarantine options will be provided in communications from the clinic when a student is identified as a close contact to a positive case.


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