Historical Record

P.K .Yonge research and outreach activities help gather the experience, tools, and strategies for collaborating with UF scientists and researchers, and assisting school and district leaders as they lead local improvement efforts. P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is uniquely prepared to partner with educators as they work to address a renewed state and national focus on science, math, and technology while integrating and explicitly teaching 21st century skills.

Literacy Reform

P.K. Yonge has been focused on improving reading achievement by integrating research-based instructional strategies and curriculum. Successes prompted the development of innovative strategies for sharing lessons learned with others. Several funded elementary and secondary literacy reform projects began the development of a collaborative, classroom-focused approach to professional development:

Goals 2000: Funded by the Florida Department of Education, this three-year professional development grant (1998-2001) focused on improving teachers’ skills in increasing student achievement in reading and targeting appropriate reading interventions. (Ms. Nancy Dean and Dr. Jean Schiffbauer)

M.S.S. SAIL: Summer Adventures in Literacy—Research to Improve Reading Comprehension Results for Middle School Students. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, this research project was a directed research priority designed to validate the effectiveness of a summer intervention program collaboratively designed by P.K. Yonge and UF COE faculty. Drs. Lynda Hayes (P.K. Yonge Director of Research & Outreach) and Nancy Corbett (UF Department of Special Education)

Leadership through Reading: Federally-funded project to expand application of Leadership through Reading to second language learners. One outcome of the GOALS 2000 project was the development of a cross-age reading tutoring program as an innovative approach to reading intervention. Nancy Dean, Dr. Candace Harper from UF

P.K. Yonge SAIL expansion K-8: Funded by P.K. Yonge general funds, the M.S.S. SAIL program was expanded and further developed to include struggling readers in grades K-8

Reading Best Practices Center: ($500,000) Funded by the Florida legislature to NEFEC. Drs. Linda Lamme, Zhihui Fang, and Danling Fu

Florida Reading Initiative: $10,000,000 (July 2001-June 2009) P.K. Yonge faculty served as members of the Lead Team and consultants to a state-funded partnership project between NEFEC and P.K. Yonge. designed to assist schools in achieving 100% literacy has assisted 85 north central Florida schools as well as schools in Duval, Highlands, Hillsborough, Leon, and Monroe counties. P.K. Yonge Director, Dr. Fran Vandiver, Dr. Holly Lane, Dr. Nancy Dana

Improving Literacy through School Libraries – Project Book TaLC—Teachers and Librarians Collaborating: (233,368) Funded through the U.S. Department of Education Federal Literacy & School Libraries Grant. Dr. Lynda Hayes, Dr. Ruth Lowery, Dr. Colleen Swain from UF COE

P.K. Yonge Reading Coach Model Grant: ($65,795) FL DOE award to support elementary, middle, and high school reading coaches at P.K. Yonge and ongoing professional development for classroom teachers. Dr. Lynda Hayes

Early Reading First – (REACH: Raising Expectations for All Children): ($4,300,000) Funded by the Federal Department of Education to provide professional development on research-based instructional strategies to improve early literacy and language outcomes for high-risk children in 6 rural, north Florida school districts Dr. Lynda Hayes, Dr. Hazel Jones (UF COE), NEFEC, Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh, Dr. Holly Lane, Dr. Tina Smith-Bonahue, and Dr. Kristin Kemple

Teacher Scholars Reading Academy: The focus of the academy is on developing research-based instructional strategies to address the needs of struggling readers through immersion in observation, collegial learning, and implementation.
Miami/Dade District Leaders: Sponsored by UF’s Lastinger Center for Learning, P.K. Yonge shared strategies for focusing and leading school-wide reform with more than 20 instructional and curricular leaders from the Miami/Dade district office – July 2007

Project CHOiCE! – Creating High School Options in Comprehension and Engagement: ($270,000) Funded by FL DOE P.K. Yonge developed and field-tested various successful approaches to secondary reading intervention. Dr. Nancy Waldron, Dr. Nancy Corbett, Dr. David Miller


Science and Technology Reform for Florida's Schools

As we prepare for future leadership and school renewal opportunities in science, math, and technology P.K. Yonge is focused on developing skills and strategies for integrating and demonstrating research-based practices for developing 21st century skills.
EETT Laptops for Teachers: (FLDOE: $300,000). The project focused on integrating technology in educational settings to enhance student learning – 2003-2004

EETT – Classrooms of the Future, Today: (EETT; $375,000). Teachers started updating technology skills through job-embedded, classroom-focused training – support from Dr. Kara Dawson and Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh (UF COE)

Let’s Talk Science!: (FLDOE: $967,394) Math Science Partnership grant to develop a multi-layered, classroom-focused, job-embedded, school-wide approach to improving science teaching.

Educating Sustainability and Social Responsibility through P.K. Yonge’s Community Garden and Farmers’ Market (Toyota; $10,000).  9th grade biology students research plant growth and development and the role gardening plays in sustainability. Michelina MacDonald and Jennifer Cheveallier

U-FUTuRES – University of Florida Unites Teachers to Reform Education in Science (NSF MSP: $5,000,000): develops sustainable district capacity for leading and reforming K-8 science education through IHE/LEA partnership support for an NSF-sponsored Teacher Institute for the 21st Century. Dr. Mary Jo Koroly, Dr. Rose Pringle, six Florida school districts (Alachua, Flagler, Hernando, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union)