The P.K. Yonge Wishtree

March 26, 2019

Students in our 4-5 Learning Community have been reading Katherine Applegate’s Wishtree, and the K1 and 2-3 learning communities have been learning about this story as well. Wishtree is a story told from the perspective of Red, an oak tree who has seen many things in a long, long life. Red watches over the neighborhood and cares for the animals that live in the hollows and branches. Red also serves as a place where people of the neighborhood  make wishes by tying pieces of fabric to Red’s branches.

At the P.K. Yonge Family Picnic on March 29, we will be sharing our own wishes on the P.K.Yonge Wishtree. Learning communities have been collecting pieces of fabric and there will be a station where families can write their wishes and tie them to the P.K. Yonge Wishtree.

Learn more: Wishtree


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