Student: Modern Languages Festival

January 29, 2018

Congratulations to those students who competed at the Modern Languages Festival in Tallahassee on Sunday, January 28th. The P.K. Yonge team won second place in the High School Division!

Spanish 1 Impromptu
Superior: Neville Achero, Justin Baltazar, Briana Hurtado, Julia Mass, Ayana Strickland, Nathan Paul, Audra Sesco
Excellent: Pheleph Miller, Ethen Ungara

Level 2
Superior: Chloe Maclaren
Honorable Mention: Sachin Takhor
Level 3
Superior: Kevin Concha, Ellie Shreve and Patryk Weller
Honorable Mention: Nikita Takhor
Level 5
Excellent: Oluwaseyi Olabige, Samuel Ray
Level 6
Superior: Kenechi Anumba, Julian Febo

Level 1

Superior: Justine Baltazar, Briana Hurtado, Audra Sesco
Excellent: Nedo Archero, Pheleph Miller, Nathan Paul, Ethen Ungara
Honorary Mention: Julia Mass, Ayana Strickland
Level 2
Excellent: Sachin Takhor
Level 3
Good: Nikita Takhor

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