State Test Scores 2018-19

June 28, 2019

State test scores have been released and students, and teachers at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School have cause for celebration.

In English Language Arts, seven grade levels from elementary, middle, and high school scored among the top five districts in the state. 7th grade math and 8th grade science topped the state, Geometry scores were third, U.S. History fifth, and Biology scores were in the top 10.

English Language Arts
3rd grade – #2
5th grade – #5
6th grade – #1
7th grade – #1
8th grade – #3
9th grade – #5
10th grade – #4

7th Math – #1
Geometry – #3

8th Science – #1
Biology – #8

Social Studies
7th Civics – #4
US History – # 5

According to Director Lynda Fender Hayes, “When teaching focuses on mastery of standards with learners at the center of an engaging learning experience, exciting things can happen.”

The school population, required by state law to reflect the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic demographics of the State, is selected by lottery to represent learners in Florida. With a commitment to equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students, the school continues its mission to design, test, and share innovations in K-12 education.

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