Schran Alderman – School-Related Employee of the Year

November 12, 2021

Schran Alderman - School Related Employee of the Year

This year, the faculty and staff of P.K. Yonge are pleased to announce Schran Alderman as P.K. Yonge’s Florida Department of Education School-Related Employee of the Year.

Ms. Schran (pronounced ‘Sharon’), as she is affectionately known, seemed destined to become a member of the Blue Wave family.  A decade ago, she took a chance and left her home in Brooklyn, New York, to move to Gainesville, Florida.  After a short time, circumstances changed and she had to move back to Brooklyn.  While riding the Greyhound bus back to New York, a stranger approached her and told her that wherever she had just left was actually the place she was meant to be, and she should go back.  Ms. Schran kept that in her mind and a year later, decided to try her move to Gainesville once more.

Arriving in Gainesville with three months of rent, she set out to find a job.  In her third month in town, she found her place at P.K. Yonge.  Nine years later, we are still so lucky to have Ms. Schran with us!  As a mom of four herself, Ms. Schran says that her favorite part of working at P.K. Yonge is being with the kids.  Working primarily in our elementary school building, she loves talking with the children.  She says that she is always amazed by how smart they are and how much they can make her laugh.

Ms. Schran’s kindness and hard work is evident to teachers as well.  Ms. Schran shows up to any situation with a smile on her face, a calm and friendly attitude, and is ready to help.  She shows an endless amount of patience and forgiveness with the kids when things are dropped, spilled, or broken.  Her pride in her work, and her warmth towards all around her make Ms. Schran an irreplaceable member of the P.K. Yonge Blue Wave family.  Thank you, Ms. Schran!

–Written by Lisa Fabulich


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