Riptide Joins Local PPE Efforts

April 10, 2020

Tea-RiptideRobotics-face-shieldsOn the heels of having the FIRST Robotics Competition canceled in March, the P.K. Yonge Roaring Riptide Robotics Team #4118 are lending their ever-growing skills to the national effort to support medical professionals around the country.

Through partnerships with 3D Printing for a Cause, Open Source CO-VID19 Supplies, and GNV Makers, and University of Florida Engineering Group, Riptide is assisting with the production of face shields and surgical mask straps to send to local hospitals, as well as hospitals in Illinois, Indiana, and Virginia.

Team members are finding that skills developed through membership in the Roaring Riptide have real-world application – and not only in building robots and assistive technology projects. Their skills are making a significant contribution to a nationwide, and even worldwide effort in supporting medical personnel in the fight against COVID-19.

Components of the face shields are being printed around the clock by team sponsor, Ms. Leigh Anne Brewster. Packets of component items are put in bundles, delivered to a pick up point, Students and families pick them up, assemble them, and drop the assembled face shields off to be mailed to their destination medical facility.

The team has printed and mailed 75 face shields and 160 surgical mask straps, and they’re working on more!


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