P.K. Yonge Hosts Denmark’s Ministry of Education

October 22, 2019

Representatives from the Danish Ministry of Education National Agency for Education and Quality visit P.K. Yonge this week to learn more about the system of supports that P.K. Yonge employs to support its diverse community of K-12 students.

With a view to sharing information with professional educators and the general public upon their return to Denmark, guests will meet with administrators, teachers, families, and students to learn how the system that underpins P.K. Yonge’s educational model and philosophy functions, and observe how that system looks in practice.

The system, Multi-Tiered System of Supports (or MTSS), determines how P.K. Yonge organizes academic, social-emotional, and behavioral support for students. MTSS uses the systematic collection and analysis of data to design methods of support and intervention that are responsive to individual student needs.

The Danish group’s interests span numerous topics: social-emotional learning, data-informed decision-making, developing inclusive mindsets, barriers that families experience in relation to school, how to build system capacity, hiring, and supporting leaders in the school community.

Ultimately, the Danish visit underscores P.K. Yonge’s significance as a developmental research school – a working model of innovative K-12 education that serves an ethnically and socio-economically diverse student community, and a place where research and practice meet.

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