New Awards for Faculty Research

March 28, 2019

Two new faculty awards have been established at P.K. Yonge to recognize exemplary work in educational research: The Dennison Teacher Researcher Award, and the Dennison Teacher Research Outstanding Manuscript Award. Generously supported by Dr. Dan Dennison, a P.K. Yonge alumnus (Class of 1965), these two awards will be formally recognized and awarded by the Dean of the University of Florida’s College of Education.

“Our teachers’ level of commitment to research while being in the classroom every day deserves recognition,” said school director, Dr. Lynda Hayes, “We are grateful and thrilled to be able to recognize them in this way.”

As one of the state of Florida’s four developmental research schools, P.K. Yonge emphasizes strong commitment in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service for its K12 faculty. In recent years, more opportunities for faculty scholarship and research have been made available, and collaborative relationships between P.K. Yonge and College of Education faculty have become integral to the research efforts on both campuses.

Ongoing efforts in the area of educational research at P.K. Yonge shore up the school’s commitment to its mission to serve as an incubator for innovations in K12 educational for the state of Florida and beyond.

For teachers, their first commitment is to the success of their students: academic, social, emotional, and behavioral. For P.K. Yonge faculty, that commitment manifests in the form of creative, dedicated, scholars who design and test, innovations with the goal of supporting all aspects of student success.

P.K. Yonge faculty members’ research efforts, many times in partnership with university researchers, position them as classroom practitioners focused on continuous improvement and scholars who are fully engaged in testing their theories through practice.

“We’re looking forward to announcing the first recipient of a Dennison Award,” said Hayes, “We expect decision-makers will have a tough time awarding just one.”

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