Faculty: Coach J Retires as Football Coach

December 8, 2017

A five-year stint at P.K. Yonge at the end of a long career in athletics and coaching is underscored by all of those signature Kent Johnson qualities. Coach J joined the Blue Wave in 2013 taking on the mantle of Head Football Coach and serving as school dean. As a coach, he has high standards on and off the field or court and commits himself to his students both professionally and personally. He asks a lot of his athletes and they rise to meet those expectations.

“He cares about the people he coaches, no matter the situations we’re in.” says senior Eric Smith who has played under Coach J since 8th grade, “He’s an all ‘round really good guy.” Players speak of Coach J being there for them whether it’s football, personal, or school work, and about his passion for football and his care for his players. Another of Coach J’s 8th-12th grade players, Anthony Landers expresses gratitude to Coach J for “helping me grow as a person,” and for being a good coach, even during the hard times.

Coach Johnson has coached in the area for 37 years, spending time at Eastside and Hawthorne and serving as Athletic Director in Newberry.  At P.K. Yonge, Johnson’s home for the last 5 years, Athletic Director, Kelly Barrett describes him as a tireless worker who “does all the little things.” He’s the kind of team player who does what needs to be done without ever being asked- “Coach J is the Head Football coach who will clean the locker room – he does all the little things, all the time because he truly cares!” she says.

Take-aways for students from their time with Coach J is “Don’t quit! No matter what you do, do it for the experience” because according to Coach J “We’re all we got!”

Coach J will stay on at P.K. Yonge and will continue to impact the lives of students in P.E. classes, and will undoubtedly keep his eye on Blue Wave football players, on and off the field.

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