Clubs: Creeks & Currents

April 14, 2017

Coming soon…

The special 132 page 10th Anniversary Issue of the PKY literary/art magazine, Creeks and Currents: Making Waves (receiving top national honors every year of its publication) is nearly ready for launching.

To enable students, teachers, and parents to see where K-12 student work is printed in the lit mag, copies of the 3-page index are posted in each English and ELA classroom, the library, front office, art classrooms, in both foreign language portables, on both entrance doors of the elementary building, and on the lit mag bulletin board in J-Wing

The magazines will be sold in the front office, foreign language and art classrooms, from Ms. Jacobbe in elementary and at the PKY Spring Arts Festival from Mrs. Harrell for $5.00 each until supplies run out.  Please get your copy early so you won’t be left out. We have only 200 copies to sell.

We know you’ll enjoy this final, colorful, special keepsake issue of the magazine.

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