Celebrating Our 2023 PKY District Teacher of the Year: Megan Koppitch

October 6, 2022

As our K-12 school librarian, Megan Koppitch has multiple responsibilities uniquely combined by Koppitch as she pursues designing and delivering an engaging, challenging, and inclusive K-12 library media program for our students.

In addition to organizing, promoting, and updating our K-12 library collection, Koppitch has partnered with researchers from the University of Florida to teach a contemporary and, much needed, Media Literacy course for our high school students. In addition, she serves as Senior Class sponsor.

As our K-12 librarian, Koppitch is observed throughout the school day checking out books, moving collections between two buildings, fulfilling requests from students, and meeting with teachers to supplement their classroom assignments. As a teacher, Koppitch has also hosted interns from the University of Florida. Koppitch is beyond resourceful and innovative. She has arranged for multiple guest speakers from the community to meet with students, uses discussion circles and project-based learning to introduce students to various forms of media and its impact on society, and regularly promotes student work along with new additions to our school’s library collection.

As the senior class sponsor, Koppitch takes on the role of “mom” for the entire senior class, shows up on weekends so students can paint their parking spots, and plans and organizes senior events to make the senior year (even through the pandemic) as memorable as possible.

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