Z-A Countdown Begins April 22!

April 13, 2021

The Z to A Countdown is a tradition for P.K. Yonge to wrap up the school year by having a little fun dressing up for each of the last 26 days of school.  See below for suggestions on what to wear each day.  Also, feel free to be creative and come up with your own ideas for each letter!  Have fun!


Thursday, April 22 Z Wear zebra stripes or other zoo animal prints; wear lots of zippers.
Friday, April 23 Y Wear yellow.
Monday, April 26 X Wear clothing with bones (x-rays).
Tuesday, April 27 W Wear white or a wig.
Wednesday, April 28 V Vocabulary day! Dress up like a word you’ve learned this year or wear a vest.
Thursday, April 29 U Wear UF gear or something from your favorite university, or dress up as a unicorn.
Friday, April 30 T Twin or triplet day! Dress like a friend, or wear tan or turquoise or a tutu.
Monday, May 3 S Story book character dress up, or wear stripes or silly socks.
Tuesday, May 4 R Wear red or a rainbow.
Wednesday, May 5 Q Queen day! Wear a crown.
Thursday, May 6 P Pajama day! Wear your PJs, or pink or purple.
Friday, May 7 O Wear orange.
Monday, May 10 N Wear a necktie, necklace, or neon colors.
Tuesday, May 11 M Wear mismatched clothes or a mustache or be a mermaid.
Wednesday, May 12 L LOVE day!  Wear something you love.
Thursday, May 13 K King day! Wear a crown.
Friday, May 14 J Wear jeans, jewelry, or a jersey.
Monday, May 17 I Wear indigo or clothes inside out.
Tuesday, May 18 H Wear a hat or dress like a hero.
Wednesday, May 19 G Wear green, 0r dress like a grandparent.
Thursday, May 20 F Fairy tale day! Dress up like your favorite character.
Friday, May 21 E Wear elegant clothing or exercise clothing.
Monday, May 24 D Wear Disney character clothing or dinosaur gear.
Tuesday, May 25 C Wear camouflage or Crocs; have crazy hair.
Wednesday, May 26 B Wear Blue Wave gear.
Thursday, May 27 A Say  ‘Aloha!’ and wear your favorite summer outfit.



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