Welcome Back + Important Reminders

March 28, 2021

Welcome Back, P.K. Yonge Families — We hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. We are now officially moving into the “home stretch” with our hearts firmly set on making this an excellent end to a very full school year.

As we look toward returning to school we have a few important reminders to share with you about changing on-campus/off campus program options, drop-off and pick-up routines, appropriate attire for ZOOM, network and internet access on campus, personal devices, and construction.

Changes to On-Campus or Off-Campus School Attendance
Students may change their program option to off-campus or on-campus at any time. We ask that families please notify mainoffice@pky.ufl.edu at least 24 hours prior to the student making the change. In the event of any emergency, it is critical that we know if students are attending school on campus or off campus.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
We remind families that drop-off and pick-up are busy times on a school campus and we appreciate your cooperation in navigating these times of day. Students may be dropped off at 7:30am after completing the daily screening. On the south end of campus, in the interest of student safety, we ask families to wait in the drop-off and pick-up lines and avoid parking in lots designated for the apartment complexes at the south end of campus.

ZOOM – Appropriate Clothing for School
Many students are still attending school via ZOOM and in many situations students are required to have their cameras turned on while engaging in lessons. We ask that families be mindful regarding appropriate clothing for students and family members who may be visible on camera while students are in class with their cameras turned on.

Network Access
At P.K. Yonge, school-issued devices provide access to the Internet via the school network while filtering out inappropriate content. However, students using personal devices have the ability to connect to the school network and set up pathways or download apps that can result in providing access to unfiltered Internet and bypassing filters that block access to inappropriate content.

Please be aware that P.K. Yonge is not able to control what students download onto their personal devices and therefore cannot control access to the Internet or web-based content on personal devices that students bring to school. Some solutions that families might consider are leaving personal devices at home, using parental controls on personal devices, or paying for a service that monitors personal device use (e.g. Bark).

We also remind families that our Code of Student Conduct notes that students may not use personal data plans while on the school campus.

Personal Devices
We remind families that students may not use personal devices, including cell phones and bluetooth/wireless headphones (like AirPods), in classrooms or designated instructional environments. It is also important to note that P.K. Yonge is not responsible for the loss or damage of a personal digital device (laptop, iPod, iPad, cellular phone, AirPods, etc.).

Construction Update
Construction activities will continue throughout the rest of the year and new construction fencing has been installed on the south end of campus over the break. This will mean changes to foot traffic pathways on campus. For families, access to the Main Office remains the same. Directions regarding access to the Business Office and the IT Office will be provided at the Front Gate. For students, faculty and staff will be on hand on the first days back on campus to help students navigate new foot traffic routes between the parking lot, the cafeteria, the secondary building, and other classrooms on the south end of campus. Vehicular traffic and access to the school campus will not change.


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