Webinar w/Dr. Geiger + Tech Updates

October 20, 2020

Read on for updates about tech and online learning and an invitation to a webinar with Dr. Geiger on Tuesday, October 26 at 4:30pm.


“We’re All in This Together” | Webinar Link  | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Please join Dr. Geiger for a webinar focused on how we can join as a community to support our students as they engage in school this year. As a school, our focus is student success and well-being, and as a community we are all working hard to understand student need and behavior and to develop strategies to support students in our current circumstances. During “We’re All in This Together,” Dr. Geiger will share some of our observations, describe actions we are taking on campus, share ideas and suggestions for families, and collect input as we navigate school during COVID.


Monitoring and Responding to Student Behavior Online
The use of Chromebooks and other web-based devices issued to students by P.K. Yonge is monitored when students connect to the Internet on campus and off campus. Alerts triggered by Internet behavior that is cause for concern are acted upon during the school day when school is in session. If a student uses the internet inappropriately on a school-issued device outside of school hours, a notification will be automatically generated and addressed the next school day. This means that notifications generated over weekends will be addressed on Mondays and notifications generated over school breaks will be addressed when school resumes.

Recording Zoom Sessions
Class ZOOM sessions are often recorded and posted inside Canvas courses in order to provide opportunities for students to review content or to catch up on missed classes. Please be aware that students participating in ZOOM sessions may appear in recordings that will be shared for instructional purposes.


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