Updated Traffic, First Day, Supervision, School Safety

August 18, 2020

In this update find information about first day procedures for elementary and secondary students both on campus and off campus. In addition, you’ll find updated information about school traffic procedures and a reminder about campus supervision and school safety.

Please note that important changes have been made to our campus drop-off and pick-up procedures in a sustained effort to maintain a healthy campus environment. Your cooperation is critical in keeping our community safe and healthy. We appreciate your patience as we implement new procedures as part of our ongoing effort to maintain a healthy campus community.

More information about fall 2020 is forthcoming. Keep your eye on your email this week as we share details about the start of school!

First Day Procedures | Details
Elementary students enter on the north end of campus through the Front Gate on the north end of campus. Families with elementary and secondary students also enter at the north end of campus. Secondary students and student drivers enter on the south end of campus through the 16th Avenue gate. Please review First Day Procedures for details about where students go on the first day of school.

Students do not exit vehicles until after completing the daily screening.
Parents/guardians/drivers do not exit vehicles on campus at any time.

Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Traffic | Details
New traffic procedures have been implemented to help maintain a healthy campus community. Important updates include: Students may not exit vehicles until after completing a daily screening. No adults/parents/guardians/drivers may exit vehicles on campus and family members may not walk students into school buildings or exit their vehicles to wait for students at the end of the day. Please review new Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Traffic procedures carefully to help us implement this new system successfully.

IMPORTANT: the gate between the north and south end of campus is locked and no traffic will be able to drive between the north and south ends of campus.

School Safety | Details
Student, faculty, and staff safety is our top priority and our safety procedures are designed to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate emergency situations on campus and comply with school safety laws. Our School Safety page provides information for families about how the commitment to school safety is expressed at P.K. Yonge. campus.

Campus Supervision | Details
Student supervision is provided from 7:30am and 2:45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and from 
7:30am and 1:45pm on Wednesdays. Elementary students must be picked up or sent to Blue Wave After School fifteen (15) minutes after school is dismissed. Elementary students waiting to be picked up in the Front Office after dismissal will not be released without being signed out by an adult. Supervision for Middle and High School students is provided 30 minutes before school begins and 30 minutes after final dismissal.


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