Updated Campus COVID -19 Protocols: Positive Cases & Close Contacts

March 2, 2022

Please see below for updated campus protocols for isolation and quarantine when students receive positive COVID-19 test results or are identified as a close contact to a positive case of COVID-19.


Updated Campus Protocols for Positive Cases
Students who receive positive COVID-19 test results (including at home tests) should notify the nurse (nurse@pky.ufl.edu) and isolate off campus. There is now one option to return to school for students who receive positive COVID-19 test results.

Self-isolate at home for a minimum of five (5) days from the onset of symptoms. If asymptomatic, self-isolate for a minimum of five (5) from the date the positive test was performed.

The earliest a student may return to school is on day six (6). Before returning to school a student must not have had a fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications. All other symptoms must have improved or resolved (excluding loss of taste and/or smell, as these symptoms can continue for several weeks or months after you are no longer infectious). If the student does not meet this criterion on day five (5), isolation will be extended in consultation with the school nurse, initially by three (3) days, and then until day eleven (11) if needed. The P.K. Yonge Clinic will contact families on day five (5) to determine whether a student may return on day six (6).

More details regarding protocols for positive cases and return dates will be supplied by the nurse. When returning to school after isolation, all students must check in with the nurse before returning to class.




Updated Campus Protocols for Close Contacts
Families of students identified as close contacts to a positive case of COVID-19 on campus are notified by email and a phone call from Monday – Friday during school hours. On the weekend, families are notified by email. Phone calls are made the following school day. If you have questions, please contact nurse@pky.ufl.edu.

For close contacts who develop COVID symptoms, even if mild, please begin self-isolation away from others, get tested, and notify the P.K. Yonge nurse: nurse@pky.ufl.edu.

For close contacts who do not develop symptoms of COVID-19, the student is able to remain in school. While a negative test result is not required, CDC guidelines recommend close contacts be tested on day five (5) to assess for asymptomatic infections.




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