Traffic Reminders

February 7, 2022

The Spring Semester is well underway and Spring Break is on the horizon. A few reminders for families regarding traffic are shared below in the interest of student safety and efficiency!


Please remember to:

Direct students to enter & exit on the CURB side of your vehicle.

Remind students to use crosswalks when crossing roads inside campus.

Drive carefully on campus. There are lots of pedestrians.

Use window signs when picking up your elementary students. It makes pick-up faster!

Use the entrance assigned for your pickup – West = Elementary, Main & South = Secondary


Please DON’T:

Use the elementary circle for middle or high school students unless they have a sibling in elementary. It blocks traffic and slows things down. Secondary families have two options – the Main Entrance on SW 6th Street or the South Entrance off SW 16th Ave.

Drop off or pick up students outside the school gates.

Drive fast or with distractions on campus.

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