Traffic Gratitude and Reminders

October 25, 2021

We appreciate our Blue Wave community’s patience and cooperation as we become accustomed to our most recent traffic changes. We are so grateful to have all three entrances in operation (West Entrance for Elementary, Main and South Entrances fro Middle and High). For details, visit Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Parking, Traffic.

Important Reminders:

Family members should remain in vehicles. In the interest of community health, safety, and traffic flow, family members may not park and walk in with students. Family members encountered sitting on the benches will be asked to return to their vehicles.

All elementary students should be dropped off at the Elementary Circle accessed via the West Entrance (SW 11th St.). Their secondary school siblings may be dropped off and picked up with them.

There are TWO entrances for Middle and High School drop-off and pick-up: the Main Entrance (SW 6th St.) and the South Gate (via SW 16th Ave.)

Please don’t drop students off outside the school gates. There are significant safety concerns with students navigating traffic and crossing roadways with our high volume of traffic.

Most Importantly…
Did we thank you enough for your patience? Thank you! We look forward to smoother traffic at the beginning and end of every school day!

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