Summer Update #1

June 27, 2018

Greetings P.K. Yonge Families,

We hope you’ve had enough of a break from school to eagerly welcome some news from P.K. Yonge!
We still have plenty of summer left, but here’s some information to help you plan for the 2018-19 school year.

Below you’ll find information about Construction, Kindergarten, Blue Wave Preview, Middle and High School Orientations, Post High School Pathways Workshop for Juniors and Seniors, the School Schedule, Middle School Study Hall, High School Study Hall, Scheduling Appointments with School Counselors, and Secondary Summer Reading!

Information sent throughout the summer can also be found: | click on the main photo

Construction Update

The Mead Library and J-wing will be removed by August 1 to make room for construction to begin on our secondary building.
Campus Revitalization | FAQs | For Families

With an active construction site on our campus, it is imperative that students are in supervised settings after school. Students not participating in the options below, must be picked up at dismissal time. Options:

Elementary | Blue Wave After School
Middle | Blue Wave After School | Middle School Study Hall (BWAS)
High | High School Study Hall until 5:00 in the Cafeteria (East Side)


Elementary Update

Kindergarten Assessments, Blue Wave Preview, Kindergarten Stagger Start | Details
Kindergarten Assessments – July 18-19 | Register

Secondary Update

Secondary School Counselors – will be available by appointment July 23-August 1
Sue Ireland – 6th-8th Grades |
Sara Theiss – 9th-11th Grades |
Mollie Bryen – 12th Grade |

Summer Reading | Details

School Schedule | Details
Elementary: 8:00-2:30 (M, T, Th, F) and 8:00-12:45 (W)
Secondary: 8:10-2:15 (M, T, Th, F) and 8:10-1:40 (W)

New to Middle School + 6th Grade Orientation
July 31   12:00-3:00pm –  6th Grade Students Orientation Day 1
July 31    6:00-7:30pm – Family Night for ALL New to Middle School Students + Families
Aug 1      12:00-3:00pm – 6th Grade Students Orientation Day 2

Middle School Study Hall | Details
Due to construction, there will be no school-sponsored after school care for middle school students. Blue Wave After School is offering a Middle School Study Hall to P.K. Yonge students

New to High School + 9th Grade Orientation – August 7
6:00-8:30 – All 9th Grade Students + Families
6:00-7:30 – New to P.K. 10th-12th Grade Students + Families

Post High School Pathways Workshop for Juniors and Seniors
August 9, 1-5pm

High School Study Hall | Monday – Friday until 5:00pm
Due to the removal of the Mead Library, a supervised study space will be provided in the east side of the cafeteria.

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