Student Parking Decal Checks Begin March 8

March 4, 2022

Families of High School Students — Students who drive to school must have a parking decal in order to park on the school campus. Recent checks have found a significant number of vehicles parked in the student parking without P.K. Yonge decals.

Notes have been left on student vehicles without P.K. Yonge parking decals indicating that beginning March 8, Officer Belleville will begin checking student vehicles for decals.

Students vehicles that do not have parking decals will receive disciplinary actions which may include the losing parking privileges on the school campus.

Student parking decals may be purchased in the Business Office. The Student Parking Permit Application form and supporting documents must be provided when payment is made to the Cashier. All information needed is provided in the Student Parking Permit Application.

See Student Parking for more information.

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