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September 10, 2020

P.K. Families — We are excited to share news from our Student and Families Services Team. We are always eager to connect with students and families to coordinate services, solve problems, and develop detailed plans to support the success of all students on campus. Tell us how we can help you!

We’ve redesigned our Student and Family Services web page to help families navigate our services a little better, and have included information about our monthly Family Webinars, our new Blue Wave Wellness newsletter, and a fun way to Meet the Team. This year, we’ve also begun a weekly Advisory for our secondary students.


Visit our Student and Family Services page.
Join us on Wednesday, September 16 for our first Family Webinar – Self Care 101
Check out our Blue Wave Wellness News for September.


More About Advisory
Advisories are small groups of students and one to two faculty members who meet on campus or online.  Advisory is a time scheduled each week designed to support community building and uncover common ground between all members of our diverse school community. We are excited to be partnering with the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding in developing advisory and other structures as we continue the development of our school community.

Advisories meet each Wednesday from 9:05-9:30.  If students are on campus, they meet with their cohort of students with whom they are sharing a classroom space as well as one of the teachers that supervises them during the day.  If students are off campus, they meet via Zoom with either a 6th-8th grade group or a 9th-12th grade group and one or two faculty and/or staff members.  Almost every faculty and staff member is facilitating an advisory, connecting almost every member of our P.K. school community with each other.


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