State-Wide Student-Led Walkout, 03-03-2022

February 28, 2022

We understand that a statewide student walkout is scheduled for Thursday, March 3 at noon. Walkouts are student-led events, and, in the interest of student safety, school leadership has put plans in place should P.K. Yonge students choose to participate. These plans include designating a location for the walkout, supervision of the event and closing campus to visitors.

If students at P.K. Yonge choose to participate in the walkout on Thursday, they will be directed to the designated location on campus and supervision will be provided by P.K. Yonge personnel and administrators. Students who do not wish to participate will follow the schedule of their regular school day.

For visitors to campus, wait times to enter campus may be longer than usual. Visitors will not be able to enter campus for the duration of the walkout. We anticipate that time to be 11:50am – 12:40pm.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

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