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March 29, 2019

Happy Spring Break!

It’s been a great year so far, and we are looking forward to finishing strong!

When we get back to school, there’s a lot going on: FSA testing (dates below), K1 Pizza by the Creek, End of Course Exams for secondary, the Tumblin Creek Arts and Sciences Festival, AP testing for high school, concerts, and all of the wonderful end of school year events.

Enjoy your break!

FSA Testing   | Testing
Tue. April 9  — 3rd Grade FSA Reading (PBT) | 8:10-11am
Tue. April 9 — 4th-6th Grades FSA Writing (PBT) | 8:10-11am
Wed. April 10 — 7th-8th Grades FSA Writing (CBT) | 8:10-11am
Thu. April 11 — 3rd Grade FSA Reading (PBT) | 8:10-11am
Thu. April 11 — 9th-10th Grades FSA Writing (CBT) | 8:10-11am

On the Horizon
April 24- 26 — Pizza by the Creek 11:00-12:30
May — FSA Reading and Math, EOCs, AP Exams
May 16 — Tumblin Creek Arts & Sciences Festival & Spring Football Game
May 27 — Memorial Day Holiday
May 30 — Graduation

A Note Regarding Chromebook Use During School Breaks:
School-issued Chromebooks are monitored by campus-based systems. Notifications issued through school Chromebook and internet monitoring software are acted upon during the school day when school is in session. If a student uses the Chromebook or internet inappropriately outside of school hours, a notification will be automatically generated and addressed the next school day. This means that any notifications generated over spring break will be addressed when we return to school.

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