Front Gate | Emergency Response Training | Attendance

November 25, 2018

Welcome back to school P.K. Families! We hope everyone had a great break and is returning well-rested and ready to end 2018 on a high note! Below are a couple of important reminders:


Security at the Front Gate | Traffic Tips
Many thanks to all families for your patience and cooperation as we work on school safety. We have a new security gate and from now on families and visitors to P.K. Yonge will check in with security when they come to campus during the school day.
Check the website for reminders about drop off and pick up procedures, parking and traffic.
Quick tips to help make things run smoothly: Traffic Tips

Emergency Response Training
ALICE is the name of a new program that we will be using for emergency response training. We will be sharing brief weekly lessons with secondary students in first-period classes beginning November 28th. Students will watch videos and engage in discussion with ALICE-trained teachers. Training for elementary students will take a different format so as to be developmentally appropriate. Families will be notified ahead of time as to when elementary training will take place.

Attendance | Details
We began this year with new attendance procedures and they are working! Many thanks to families and students for helping improve attendance across campus. We are eager to provide the best possible educational experience for your children, and we can only do so when students are at school on time!


We love this cooler time of year! We’re looking forward to finishing up this semester and we’re all excited about winter break. Let’s make it a great couple of weeks!

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