Online Security, Conduct + ZOOM Log-In Credentials

April 7, 2020

Student safety is our top priority. We continue to be in communication with the University and other IT partners regarding security measures in the online environment.

We’ve had reports today that students are signing in as each other and using “funny” names (aka “spoofing”) in ZOOM meetings. These events have caused some stress, but we have no evidence to support that outside users are accessing our meetings.

Below are NEW requirements for students logging in to ZOOM to address safety concerns and manage online behavior.

In addition to focusing on student safety, we are paying close attention to student conduct at Virtually P.K. Reported instances of inappropriate student behavior are addressed according to policies outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.


Security Measures
Hapara allows us to push out ZOOM meeting rooms directly to our students.
– Canvas (6-12) and HAPARA (K-12) privately publish ZOOM meeting links.
– Established safety protocols for ZOOM sessions: teachers granting entry to participants (waiting room), managing file sharing, and limiting screen sharing capabilities.

NEW! Additional Security Measures | Beginning Wed. April 8
– When students log in – CHECK EMAIL FOR REQUIREMENT | Camera ON
– Students attempting to enter ZOOM with a different name, will NOT be permitted entry.
– Students changing names in ZOOM meetings, will be REMOVED by the teacher.
– Students denied entry or removed from ZOOM will be denied entry to ZOOM for the remainder of the day.
– Usernames that meet the requirement may be entered the following school day and students will be granted entry if they enter the appropriate name | CHECK EMAIL FOR REQUIREMENT

Student Expectations | Elementary | Secondary
– Logging into ZOOM – CHECK EMAIL FOR REQUIREMENT | Camera ON (Join with Video)
– No disrespectful/inappropriate language in ZOOM meeting/chat
– Appropriate clothing for school

Concern with Behavior at Virtually P.K.?
Elementary (K-5) | Coach Stewart |
Secondary (6-12) | Coach Brunson |

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