Secondary Traffic

August 19, 2021

Families of Secondary Students — It’s the second week of school and we are starting to become more comfortable in our traffic procedures. We are VERY conscious of student safety and that includes the traffic safety for our secondary students. We need every member of our school community to help us maintain student safety and provide guidance to students regarding safe behavior in traffic.

I’d like to share some important points that will help us stay focused on the safety of all of our children.

– Drive Slowly on Campus.
– Do not ask students to cross SW 16th Ave  for pick-up (there is NO crossing).
– Drop students off and pick students up on the sidewalk, not in traffic.
– Do not ask students to wait on the streets outside the school gates for pickup. This poses a serious traffic hazard and puts students at significant risk of injury.

Please also be mindful of our neighbors. Please avoid blocking driveways, turn lanes and roundabouts in the neighborhoods surrounding our school.


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