Secondary Student Information for Jan. 20

January 18, 2021

Families of Secondary Students — Below is some important information about our first day back on campus and in the new building.

  • Students can now check class schedules in Skyward. New classes begin on Jan. 20. Don’t forget to check Canvas!
  • The school day on Jan. 20 starts at 8am as usual, and ends at 1:35pm.
  • Secondary students will be dropped off in front of the gym (front circle if with an elementary sibling) for the remainder of the school year. | Details


What do secondary students do when they arrive at school on Jan. 20?

  • Students will be greeted and screened by staff and given directions about where to go upon arrival at school.
  • Students’ first period teachers’ names are posted on the cafeteria windows along with class names and locations. Faculty and staff will be on hand to help students find the information they need and to provide directions.
  • When students know who their first period teacher is, middle school students will find their teachers near the cafeteria and high school students can look for their teachers in the courtyard of the new building. Teachers will be holding signs with their names on them to help students if they don’t know their teachers by sight.
  • First period teachers will bring their classes into the building for the start of school.


What happens during first period on Jan. 20?

During first period, all students will participate in the following activities:

    • Watch a welcome video.
    • Engage in a pre-tour conversation with teachers.
    • Take a tour around the building. On-campus students tour with teachers on a staggered schedule. Off-campus students watch a tour video.
    • Engage in a post-tour conversation and Q&A.
    • On-campus students receive their complete class schedules, off-campus check Skyward for their next class zoom location.
    • Learn about their first period class.


The schedule for Jan. 20 has been modified for the first day in the new building. Students will be given grace while they learn to navigate their new space. Students will return to a regular class schedule on Thursday.

We remind students that eating breakfast is important! This year breakfast is provided by the cafeteria for all students for FREE from 7:30-8:00am. This is especially important as students will not be able to eat, or drink refreshments other than water in the learning spaces. We recommend students bring reusable water bottles that may be filled at water bottle filling stations located throughout the building.


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