School Start Date Confirmation | August 24

August 12, 2020

P.K. Families, you may have heard that Alachua County Public Schools has decided to delay the start of their opening until August 31.  P.K. Yonge is not part of Alachua County Public Schools.

We are choosing to move ahead with our planned start day of August 24 for several reasons. The great work that our faculty have done to prepare for the return of students, along with the many initiatives that have been underway at P.K. Yonge for years, position us quite differently from Alachua County.  We are eager to begin and also reluctant to extend our school year into the summer of 2021; we do not feel like an additional week will add substantial benefit.

During these times, things are always subject to change, and we will do our best to respond with sensitivity and flexibility.

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