School Open 11.13 | Curbside Meal Update

November 12, 2020

P.K. Yonge will be open and classes will resume on Friday, November 13.

As a reminder, P.K. Yonge follows the lead of the University of Florida regarding closures and re-opening. We are not part of the Alachua County School District, and do not follow district decisions informed by disruptions to bus routes, access to power, or need to provide storm shelters.

Storm-Related Absences
Realizing that some families often experience hardship in days following a storm, any storm-related absences will be excused. Please use your best judgment in determining whether or not it is safe for you to transport your child to campus.

Curbside Meal Pick-Up
Curbside meal pick up will take place on Friday, November 13, from 9:30am – 1:00pm. Next week meals will be distributed for two weeks. On Tuesday (11.17)  families will receive 12 meals 6 and on Thursday (11.19), 16 meals instead of 8. All meals are free.

We look forward to seeing you all back on campus and online!



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