Roads Closed – May Hinder Families Approaching P.K. from West

November 5, 2021

We have received notification that sections of SW 13th Street and SW 16th Avenue are closed (November 5). This may impact families approaching P.K. Yonge from the west. Please see the map below.

All P.K. Yonge entrances are open for pick-up at the usual time (2:30pm) today. West Entrance (SW 11th Street) for Elementary Students, Main Entrance (SW 6th Street) & South Entrance (via SW 16th Avenue) or Secondary Students.

MAP: Sections of SW 13th Street and SW 16th Avenue CLOSED
SW 16th Ave: Closed between SW 13th Street and the VA
SW 13th Street: Closed between SW 16th Ave and Archer Road


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