Reopening Plan & COVID-19 Campus Response

August 17, 2020

The beginning of the new school year is now just under a week away and preparations are underway on campus and virtually.

We’ll be sharing information this week to help you all get started with the new school year. Below you will find the P.K. Yonge Reopening Plan 2020-21 and the COVID-19 Campus Response plan and a few items of note included in those documents.

Please keep your eye on your email, on the Announcements, or on Facebook for continued updates about getting started in 2020-21!


P.K. Yonge Reopening Plan 2020-21 | Details
The Reopening Plan 2020-21 provides an overview of steps being taken for the coming school year and shifts made in response to COVID-19. The Reopening Plan can be found under the Fall 2020 tab on the P.K. website.

COVID-19 Campus Response | Details
The COVID-19 Campus Response describes procedures and protocols that will be followed on campus in response to COVID-related events including if students/staff/faculty are unwell during the school day and how UF Health engages with P.K. Yonge families. The COVID-19 Campus Response is also found under the Fall 2020 tab on the P.K. website.

Daily Screening at Home | Questions
Families, faculty, staff, substitutes, and coaches are asked to complete a home self-screening (Daily Screening Questions) for COVID-19 risk factors and symptoms prior to returning to campus each school day. Screenings which may include similar questions will also take place on the school campus each morning before students are able to exit vehicles.

University of Florida Health Guidance | Details
P.K. Yonge will follow University of Florida health guidance that includes UF policies and CDC guidelines addressing appropriate face coverings/masks, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and staying at home when you are ill.

Student Absences | Attendance
When an on-campus elementary student needs to stay home, arrangements will be made with the student’s teacher to support learning needs. When an on-campus secondary student needs to stay home and IS ABLE to attend class virtually, they continue to log in to their Canvas courses and attend Zoom sessions. For students (both on-campus and off-campus) unable to attend classes virtually, standard attendance protocols will be followed. Email:

Campus Access for Parents/Guardians/Families
Parents/guardians/family members may visit campus ONLY with prior approval from administration. Family members must remain in their vehicles at all times during pick-up or drop-off. Families are not permitted to exit vehicles to walk students into school, have lunch with their students on campus, or wait for students outside vehicles at the end of the school day. To visit campus, families must request to visit campus by emailing and may visit only after receiving permission from administration. Approval is not guaranteed for all requests. NOTE: No food deliveries for students will be accepted on campus.

Exceptional Student Education Services | ESE all 2020 Update
Students will have access to their specially designed instruction, accommodations, and related services indicated in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504, or Education Plan (EP) regardless of a family’s choice for on-campus or off-campus school attendance.

Presentation Recording: UF Health Presentation With Dr. Mike Lauzardo August 13
Dr. Mike Lauzardo, Director of UF Health Screen, Test & Protect, Deputy Director Emerging Pathogens Institute shares information about COVID-19, talks through plans, and answers questions as we begin our school year.


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