Reminder Regarding Tardies | Don’t Be Late!

September 14, 2021

Student tardiness is now being tracked and counted for the beginning of the school day for all students, and for each class period for secondary students.

For secondary students:
Tardy is defined as in the classroom at the 8:00am bell and inside the classroom when the bell rings for each period. Students may go directly to class to be marked tardy until 8:05am, or 5 minutes after the start of a class period. After 8:05am, or more than 5 minutes late for class, students check in at the tardy kiosk in the Main Office.

What happens for elementary?
Tardy is defined as inside the learning community by 8:00am. Students may go directly to the elementary lobby to be marked tardy from 8:00am until 9:00am. After 9:00am, families must park, walk students to the secondary building and check them in at the Main Office.

For more information about how tardiness will affect a student’s attendance record, please review the Attendance Policylocated on the Policies and Publications page on the web.

NOTE: Each year secondary students are issued student IDs. These IDs are the fastest way for students to check into the tardy kiosk. For new students, IDs will be issued after picture day which will be on September 28.


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