Morning Traffic Reminders

August 17, 2023

It’s the second week of school and we are starting to become more comfortable in our traffic procedures. For detailed information, visit Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Parking, Traffic.


Elementary Top Circle 11th Street Drop-Off 

  • Students should be dropped off after 7:30 am. There is no supervision provided before 7:30 am. 
  • There is no parking or drop-off in the north lot. This lot is strictly for student drivers. 
  • Family members should remain in vehicles. Elementary family members who need to walk a child in should pull all the way forward in the top circle past the breakfast cart and park with your flashers on. 
  • Direct students to enter & exit on the CURB side of your vehicle.


Gym Drop-Off for Secondary Students

  • The gym drop-off area is going very well. 
  • As a reminder, there is no left turn onto SW 16th Ave as you exit PK. 


6th Street Drop-Off for Secondary Students

  • Traffic moves well through this drop-off and we encourage you to use it. 
  • Direct students to enter & exit on the CURB side of your vehicle.
  • The inside lane is for passing only.
  • Please wait your turn; it is unkind to cut in front of others from the inside lane.
  • Remind students to use crosswalks when crossing roads inside campus.
  • Drive carefully on campus. There are lots of pedestrians.
  • We encourage you to make a right onto 6th Street as you exit. It’s difficult to make a left during morning traffic and backs up the drop-off circle. 


Please be mindful of our neighbors. Please avoid blocking driveways, turn lanes and roundabouts in the neighborhoods surrounding our school. 



Students are tardy after 8:00am. Elementary families arriving before 8:15 may drop students off at the Main Circle. Students will be supervised as they walk to the elementary building. After 8:15am, families must park at the gym and walk students to the Main Office (in the secondary building) to sign in.

Most Importantly…

Did we thank you enough for your patience? Thank you! We look forward to smoother traffic at the beginning and end of every school day as the year progresses!

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