Materials Pick-Up for Specific Courses – Secondary | 08.27 & 08.28

August 25, 2020

Course-specific materials will be available for pick-up for ON-campus and OFF-campus SECONDARY students on Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28 from 3-6pm.

Please review the list below for courses with materials available for pick-up.

Students with one of the courses listed below on their schedule, please come to P.K. Yonge on Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28 from 3-6pm to pick-up materials specific to these courses.

If you DO NOT see any of your child’s courses on this list, you DO NOT need to come to campus. Courses not listed below do not require that students pick up  materials at this time.

Please be sure to have your student’s name and course schedule on hand.


– Enter the P.K. Yonge front gate.
– Park your vehicle.
– Before entering the Performing Arts Center, please put on a mask.
– Enter the Performing Arts Center.
– Wait for direction from a P.K. Yonge staff member.

Courses Requiring Materials Pick-Up

– 8th grade ELA – Mundorf
– 8th grade science – Sheppard
– 8th grade STEM Physical Science – Cordero
– Algebra 2 – Fusco
– Anatomy and Physiology – Breil
– AP US History – Kovach
– Biology 1 Honors – Davis
– Calculus – Roach
– Creative Photography – Johnson
– Environmental Science Honors – Andrews
– Genetics Honors – Breil
– Guitar 1 – Burg
– High School Art – Moody
– Marine Science Honors – Andrews
– Math for College Readiness – Lincoln
– Middle School Art – Johnson
– Physics Honors – Breil
– Pre-Calculus – Roach


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