K/1 Coon Hollo Transportation 11/6

November 5, 2018

Hello, K/1 Families!

We are very excited about tomorrow’s field trip to Coon Hollo!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we only have one school bus available for tomorrow’s trip.

In order to meet transportation needs,
we are asking family chaperones to bring their own children
to the Coon Hollo farm in their cars.

This way, children whose families are not attending will be able to fit on the bus, and we can all meet at the farm at 9:30am.


If you are a chaperone and are driving your child to Coon Hollo, there are two options.

1. You can drive to school and follow the bus to Coon Hollo. Bus departs at 9:00am.

2. You can meet us at Coon Hollo at 9:30am. Directions to Coon Hollo


If you are a chaperone and you are able to drive your own child to Coon Hollo farm, please email your child’s teacher as soon as possible to let them know.

Teacher Contact Information


Thank you! The K/1 Team


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