Information for New Semester Beginning Jan. 20

January 11, 2021

As we look toward the beginning of the spring semester and the opening of the new secondary building, we wanted to share some information in advance about campus procedures beginning on January 20.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Stay the Same

Drop-off and pick-up locations will be the same for the remainder of the school year. Elementary students are dropped off and picked up in the Front Circle on the north end of campus (accessed on SW 11th Street),  secondary students are dropped off and picked up on the south end of campus in front of the Gym (on SW 10th Terrace, accessed via SW 16th Avenue), and families with both elementary and secondary students may be dropped off and picked up in the Front Circle.


Changes to Campus Access During the School Day

Family members and visitors to campus who intend to exit their vehicles will check in at the Front Gate using a State-issued ID in order to receive a visitor’s pass. Please have your IDs ready to be scanned when you arrive at the Front Gate. IDs must be scanned BEFORE visitors/family members enter campus. Directions/maps to the new Main Office, secondary building, and other locations on campus will be provided at the Front Gate as needed. After checking in at the Front Gate and parking, families/visitors will proceed to their destination (e.g., tech help, business office, counselors, clinic, etc.).


Changes to Tardy Arrivals

For elementary students who are late to campus and arrive before 9:00am, drivers will need to have their State IDs ready to be scanned at the Front Gate if they wish to exit their vehicles and walk students to the building. Students will be screened at the Front Gate and then go directly to the Elementary Building and check in at the Tardy Kiosk in the elementary lobby. Please note that Families who wish to escort students to the elementary building must park in visitor parking near the Performing Arts Center and walk their child to the double doors. Family members may not enter the elementary building. After 9:00am, students/families will be directed to the Main Office in the Secondary Building to check in. Directions/maps to the Main Office will be provided at the Front Gate when the family checks in.

For secondary students who are being dropped off on campus after 8:15am (when the 16th Avenue gate closes), vehicles enter the Front Gate and drivers check in using a State-issued ID if they are planning to exit their vehicles on campus. Student drivers enter through the Front Gate and check in with the gate guard. Only students with P.K. Yonge-issued decals may park on campus. Secondary students check in at the Tardy Kiosk in the Main Office.


New Semester for Secondary Students

Secondary students will have completed their fall semester classes on January 12 and begin new classes starting on January 20.

Essential information for students’ first day back on campus on January 20 will be shared during the break. Student orientation is being planned for the first day and assistance will be provided to students on campus regarding teacher locations, classes, and other important locations in the new space. Please continue to watch your email or the announcements page on the web for more information about the second semester and the transition into the new building.


Bell Schedule Changes for Second Semester

Minor changes will be made to the secondary bell schedule for the second semester in order to recoup time lost in the fall due to Hurricane Eta. No changes to the elementary schedule are required. Changes to the secondary schedule will begin on January 20. School times for secondary will be 8:00am – 2:34pm, and Advisory will resume for secondary students on Wednesdays during the second semester. The new bell schedule will be published and shared during the semester break.


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