Happy Monday, P.K. Yonge Families

April 20, 2022

Happy Monday, P.K. Yonge Families,

We have many things to celebrate, and we enjoy sharing them with you, the Blue Wave Family.  While we can never highlight all the wonderful things that take place on this special campus, below is a sampling of all of the goings on at P.K. Yonge. After reading about all the things to celebrate, I am also asking for your help in an area of concern.  Finally, the 2022-2023 Calendar is included for your forward planning. Read on!


Retirement – The Blue Wave Staff and Faculty celebrated Dr. Hayes’s retirement this week. We wish her all the best as she heads into the next chapter of her life.

Athletics – Emi Arnold was recently named the Meldon Law Scholar of the Week, while Faith Hardy was chosen as the Small School Girls Soccer Player of the Year and Roberto Hurtado was chosen as the Small School Boys Soccer Player of the Year! Our Boys Tennis Team won their District Championship and the Girls Tennis Team came in second place.  We are excited to see so many successful scholar athletes recognized for their accomplishments.

Class of 2022 – We enjoyed learning from our Seniors last week as they shared their Senior Research. As we near graduation, the Senior Newsletter is an awesome resource to help families stay on track with events and activities. Check it out for Key Dates and Recent Updates.

Family Events –  The K/1 Community is gearing up for Pizza by the Creek! They recently had a visit from Satchel and visited the restaurant with their families to learn more about what a pizzeria is like.

Newsletters/Blogs – Check out Celebrando Nuestra Cultura if you didn’t catch the edition celebrating Women’s History Month. Also, the Hidden Library Blog for April offers some great book reviews written by faculty members.

National Book Week – We recently celebrated National Book Week with daily trivia, prizes, and rewards for being caught reading!  Thanks for Mrs. Koppitch for her tireless efforts to keep great books in our hands.

Performing Arts – The Cabaret was a wonderful opportunity for our choral and performing arts students to showcase their talents.  Bravo to all the performers!

Robotics – Have you heard the news? Our high-school robotics team was accepted to present at FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas! We can’t wait to share more about our love for assistive technology and how you can incorporate this type of outreach within your FIRST Robotics Competition Team!

Faculty – Congratulations to Johnny Bell for receiving the Gerald Ensley Developing Writer Award! More information about the award can be found here.  Congratulations also to Grisell Santiago, who won the SCOLT award for 2022. The SCOLT (Southern Conference of Language Teaching) Leadership Award is given for K-12 educators who have demonstrated excellence in language teaching through service to the school, community, active participation in SCOLT, and leadership and advocacy at the local, state, and/or regional or national level. PKY Teachers are the best!

Euro Challenge – A recent article in the Gainesville Sun highlighted our Euro Challenge Team and their advancement to the National competition.

Please Help!

I am sad to report that we have recently had a rash of vandalism in our secondary building and Performing Arts Center.  Students have been intentionally clogging toilets, breaking off faucet handles, urinating in soap dispensers, and attaching wads of wet toilet paper to the ceilings.  It is both disheartening to see the facilities that we worked so hard to secure being treated with such blatant disrespect and also a significant drain on limited fiscal and human resources.  I would be most grateful if you would discuss the seriousness of these kinds of behaviors with your children.  Families will be asked to pay for any damages incurred by known offenders.

Looking Ahead…

2022-2023 School Calendar – Hot off the presses, the calendar for next school year is attached to this message. Thanks to our School Advisory Council for their input on this important document.

Here’s wishing you all a fantastic week!


Dr. Geiger

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