Gifted Screenings for New-to-P.K. Fourth Grade Students

October 6, 2020

Families of New-to-P.K. Yonge Fourth-Grade Students — As part of determining the academic needs of each child, students at all grade levels complete screening tests in the areas of reading, math, and writing. This information is used to make instructional decisions about individual student needs.

Students new-to-PK in fourth grade and students in the third grade are screened by the P.K. Yonge School Psychology Team to determine potential eligibility for gifted enrichment services. This screening process includes a review of individual achievement data in reading and math, the administration of a brief individual screening measure of cognitive skills, and input from classroom teachers.

This year, gifted screenings for new-to-P.K. fourth grade students will occur in early November.


For ON-CAMPUS students, gifted screenings will take place on campus in person. For detailed information, please visit : Gifted Screenings for ON-Campus Students.

If you wish to defer your student’s gifted screening, please submit the Screening Deferment Form. Deferred screenings will be rescheduled when we return to on-campus instruction for the whole school community.


For OFF-CAMPUS students, gifted screenings will take place on campus in person. For detailed information, please visit Gifted Screenings for OFF-Campus Students. For families who wish to have their student participate in a gifted screening in November, please sign up for an appointment here: Screening Appointment Signup. For families who do not sign up for a screening appointment, gifted screenings will take place once we return to on-campus instruction. Not signing up will be interpreted as a desire to defer the screening.


Once all screenings are complete, families will receive a letter noting whether the screening indicated that a student has met criteria or not met criteria to be referred for a gifted evaluation. The state-established gifted criteria are: significantly above average individual student scores in achievement, demonstrated need for an advanced program, and very high cognitive skills.

All students found to meet screening criteria are recommended for a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether they meet all eligibility requirements for gifted enrichment services based on Florida Department of Education guidelines and regulations.

Families of students who meet screening criteria will be contacted in order to obtain written consent to complete a comprehensive gifted evaluation.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Dr. Ashley Pennypacker Hill |


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