First Day Procedures for All Students

August 10, 2017

We are eager to see all of you on the first day of school and want to be sure that you know what to do when you arrive on campus.

All Kindergarten families should have received their class assignments and start times via mail.
If you haven’t received your class assignment or start time letter, please contact Jill Ozog at

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students, please come to the blue labeled benches on the Front Circle and sit in your groups organized by Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Families are welcome to join us as we proceed to the Learning Community on the first day.

2nd and 3rd grade students, please come to the blue benches on the Front Circle and sit in your Learning Community. Teachers will walk students to the Learning Community to start the first day of school.

4th and 5th grade students please walk down the ramp near the Front Office on the South Side of the Elementary Building and use the outside staircase to enter the upstairs lobby (The Meadow). Families are welcome to wait with their 4th and 5th grade students. Teachers will come to collect the students and take them into the Learning Community to start the school day.

6th grade students, please go to the Performing Arts Center and bring your school supplies.

7th-12th grade students, your first period class and location will be listed on the Cafeteria windows by grade level. You will receive your full schedule in your first period class.


For school supplies – elementary students check the learning community pages on the website. For secondary students (grades 7-12), some loose-leaf notebook paper, a pencil or pen, and a folder will be sufficient for the first day.


Parents, you are reminded to be patient with traffic and parking during the first couple of weeks until new routines are settled.

Just a few more days! See you on campus!


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