Notification: Family Empowerment Scholarship

December 7, 2021

P.K. Yonge Families Qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch — By state law we are required to notify families who qualify for free or reduced lunch about the Family Empowerment Scholarship option. The Family Empowerment Scholarship program provides funding for private school tuition.

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is a public school and does not charge tuition.  The Family Empowerment Scholarship is not a funding source for the P.K. Yonge activity fee we collect each year.

If you decide to move your child to a private school, you may apply for the Family Empowerment Scholarship.

For more information
– Visit Florida Scholarship Options on the P.K. Yonge website.
– See the Family Empowerment Scholarship information.
– Visit the Department of Education website at
– Contact our Admissions Manager

Lynda F. Hayes, Ph.D.

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