End of Calendar Year Reminders 2019-20

December 16, 2019

A reminder that Friday, December 20, is the last day of school before Winter Break.
For secondary, Tuesday, December 17 is a 1-6 day.

Early Dismissal

  • 11:50am for ALL students on December 18, 19, and 20
  • Grab-and-go lunches for secondary students will be available from the Cafeteria.
  • Cafeteria Study Hall will be open to high school students: Wednesday and Thursday until 4pm, Friday until 3:30pm.
  • On Friday, December 20, all students must be off campus by 3:30pm.

Secondary Exams
Wednesday, December 18 (periods 1 & 2)
Thursday, December 19 (periods 3 & 4)
Friday, December 20 (periods 5 & 6)

Blue Wave Afterschool
Open December 18, 19, and 20 from 11:50am-5:30pm
352.692.3007 | 352.871.3679 | bluewaveafterschool@gmail.com

First Day of School for 2020: Monday, January 6

Virtual School | Important Note!
Students taking virtual school classes through P.K. Yonge must have completed 96% of their coursework by January 7, 2020. Students who do not meet this requirement will be rescheduled for face-to-face classes for second semester. Families, please check your email for more details or contact Lisa Tillett | ltillett@pky.ufl.edu

Don’t forget...
Reserve your 2019-20 yearbook today at the early bird rate of $75.
Prices increase to $80 after December 31.Senior yearbook ads are also available for purchase until January 31.
Reserve a copy of the yearbook or senior ad.

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