Elementary Traffic – Update & Helpful Tips

August 24, 2020

Elementary Families — Day one is in the books! Thank you for your help with incorporating some new campus procedures. We realize the drop-off circle moved more slowly than we would have liked this morning.

These are a few things you can do to help us speed up the morning drop off:

– When you come into the circle, drive all the way up — to the top of the circle just before the driveway into the business office parking lot.

– When you stop your car, unlock your child’s car door.

– Please have your child put on their mask and roll down their window to complete the screening.

Children exit toward the curbside; they may not exit from behind the driver’s side of the vehicle.

– Once your child has completed the screening and has exited the vehicle, you can pass on the inside lane.

– As cars exit the screening lane, please continue to pull all the way up to the top of the circle.


While the beginning of the year is always a little more challenging, we expect that the process will become smoother over time.


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