Elementary Family Picnic – Today @ 11am!

March 18, 2022

The Family Picnic begins at 11:00am.

Enter via the west gate (1080 SW 11th Street) near the guard booth and turn left, drive through the staff parking lot, and then enter the top grassy field. The primary parking area will be on the elementary upper field. After morning drop-off, the ELEMENTARY TRAFFIC CIRCLE WILL BE CLOSED; there will be NO PARKING ON THE ELEMENTARY TRAFFIC CIRCLE!

ID Badges
Elementary teachers have ID badges for families who signed up ahead of time. Please go to your child’s teacher to collect your ID badge. Families who did not signup online should go to the guard booth to scan their ID and receive a badge.

Siblings in Secondary School
For families who emailed the attendance office ahead of time, your secondary students will be released and will come to join you at the picnic. If you were not able to email attendance ahead of time, families must go to the Main Office in person to request students be released from class. Please be patient! This process takes time.

After the Picnic
When the picnic is over, families may leave if students have already been checked out. Elementary teachers will have clipboards with sign-out sheets at the Elementary Traffic Circle for quick check-out. With student safety in mind, families MUST sign their children out before leaving. For students staying at school after the picnic, please check the communication from your learning community for details regarding where and when your student should meet their teacher.

Lost & Found
Lost & Found items for elementary students will be laid out on the Elementary Circle on the day of the family picnic, and for secondary students will be laid out in the Cafeteria. All items remaining at 4:30pm on the day of the picnic will be donated to a local charity.


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