COVID-19 Updated Quarantine Process | Emergency Rule 64DER21-15

September 23, 2021

Based on updated Emergency Rule 64DER21-15 issued by the Florida Department of Health on September 22, there are updates to our COVID-19 processes on campus, specifically regarding quarantine.

A detailed outline of our campus procedure is included in our COVID-19 Campus Response (updated today, September 23, 2021).


Things that Stay the Same

— P.K. Yonge remains committed to making every effort to maintain the health of all members of the school community.

— Vaccination for adults and children over the age of 12, masking while indoors, not coming to school while sick and testing to identify COVID-19 positive members of the community are important ways to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our community.

— Members of the P.K. Yonge community testing positive for COVID-19 are withheld from campus based on state guidelines.

— Individuals identified as close contacts to a positive case of COVID-19 are identified using state guidelines and case interviews.

— Families of close contacts are notified by the school nurse.

— Individuals with symptoms of illness are sent home.

— Rapid and PCR tests are available and administered at the discretion of clinic staff and with parent/guardian permission.

— Clinic staff follow up with families and provide essential information regarding  positive COVID-19 test results and quarantine.



— Asymptomatic students, faculty, and staff identified as close contacts to a positive case of COVID-19 may choose to continue coming to school OR to quarantine.

— Close contacts will be evaluated by clinic staff to verify that they are asymptomatic.


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