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October 6, 2020

Earlier this year our student community was invited by the UF Emerging Pathogens Institute to participate in a coronavirus (COVID-19) study. As this study enters its 3rd phase of data collection, we want to invite those who have previously participated, and those who have not yet participated to enroll and be a part of this important study. This voluntary opportunity will provide free testing using a UF developed but currently not FDA approved test current coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and an antibody test for past infection.  These tests are available to P.K. Yonge students and their household members. For this study, household members are considered those who live or have been living under the same roof during the past 2 weeks. If a student participated in April or June of 2020 and has since left P.K. Yonge, they and their family are still welcome to continue participating in the study.

Research Study Flyer | Coronavirus Testing @ PKY

As a developmental research school, we are often invited to participate in research projects with the University of Florida that have important local and broad-based impact. By participating in this project, we may help provide information to scientists in their efforts to understand and combat COVID-19, particularly for children. Using research tests, information gained through participation will provide information to families on their child’s current disease status for COVID-19, with respect to current or past infection. Overtime, this information, along with information from other studies happening across the country, may assist public health officials to take appropriate action in efforts to protect and support communities.

Testing by UF medical professionals will begin on Monday, October 12th (by appointment) at P.K. Yonge. Testing is for P.K. Yonge students and their household members only, and it is completely voluntary.


Families of students who are interested in participating in this research effort are invited to do the following:

1) Register online: P.K. Yonge COVID-19 Study Registration  
Learn more about the study.
If you choose to participate, provide consent (parent/guardian) and assent (of children 8 and above).

2) Complete an online survey
The link to the survey will be provided after online consent is completed.
Answer questions provided in an online survey.
Select an appointment time.

3) Arrive at P.K. Yonge at your designated appointment time and place
Have the coronavirus test administered.
— a throat swab
— a finger stick blood sample (optional)


Participants may be asked to participate in a follow-up study, which may include phone interviews, online surveys, or sample collection (nose or throat swab, finger stick blood sample, and/or stool sample). Further participation is not required.

P.K. Yonge COVID-19 Study Registration   

Please contact school nurse Eva Gonzalez |   or Dr. Eric Nelson  at (352) 294-8536.

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