COVID-19 Protocol Reminders

February 17, 2021

As we continue the semester, we’re grateful for student, faculty, staff, and family support and cooperation with COVID-19 protocols on campus. We ask for your continued support — this means wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and members of the community staying at home when they are sick.


What to Do?
One important reminder about our campus COVID-19 protocols is to contact the school nurse ( | 352.294.7293) with questions related to COVID-19 and other health-related concerns. The nurse and the UF Health Screen, Test & Protect (STP) team provide guidance to students and families about all things related to COVID-19.

Teachers and staff members are not able to provide guidance or approval regarding students being withheld from campus for contact tracing, quarantine, or isolation, or regarding when students may return to campus.

If you suspect that your student has COVID-19, has been exposed to COVID-19, or needs clarification about when a student may return to campus, please reach out to our school nurse ( | 352.294.7293).


What Happens When a COVID-19 Case is Reported?
When we receive notification of a positive case at school, that information is shared with UF Health Screen, Test & Protect (STP), and initial contact tracing activities begin. Families of students who may be involved are contacted by P.K. Yonge via email or phone and asked to keep their students at home while formal contact tracing takes place.

Once STP completes contact tracing, a student may be cleared by STP to return to campus after a day or two if the student is not considered a close contact to the case and does not need to be quarantined.

Students who are considered close contacts are quarantined according to UF Screen, Test & Protect guidelines, and take guidance from The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Florida Department of Health regarding quarantine, isolation, testing, and dates to return to campus.


Sharing Information
In accordance with privacy laws, P.K. Yonge is not able to share information with the whole school community regarding specific COVID-19 cases. We do not share specific information regarding COVID-19 cases on campus that indicates whether cases are among students, faculty, staff or whether cases are in our elementary, middle, or high school community.

Affected individuals will be contacted directly. P.K. Yonge will NOT send communications campus-wide regarding positive COVID-19 diagnoses or exposure.

Families may stay up to date with COVID-19 related events on campus by checking the COVID-19 Campus Update which is updated every Friday.


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