Clinic Updates & COVID-19 Reminders

September 2, 2021

We have some updates and a reminder to share about our school clinic and our COVID-19 Campus Response 2021-22.

With all students back on campus, more COVID-19 cases in our community this year than last, and a more contagious delta variant of the virus, we continue to encourage families to partner with us to support Blue Wave community health.

Helpful behaviors include getting vaccinated when you can, wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance when possible, keeping students at home while sick, and getting tested if you suspect you or your student has been exposed to COVID-19.



Welcome Nurse Kyra | We are excited to announce the arrival of Nurse Kyra McFarlane LPN. Nurse Kyra has been allocated to P.K. Yonge by the Florida Department of Health in Alachua County to support the work of Nurse Eva Gonzalez RN BSN in the clinic. The demands on school nurses during the pandemic have been extraordinary. We are so pleased that Nurse Kyra is here to support Nurse Eva and the work of the P.K. Yonge clinic.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing | We are pleased to share that rapid COVID-19 testing is available in the school clinic. Tests will be carried out based on an evaluation by the nurse and with signed parent/guardian permission.

Vaccines | We continue to strongly encourage eligible members of the UF/P.K. Yonge community (age 12 years and older) to be vaccinated. For local COVID-19 vaccine clinics, check Vaccine Availability. In the coming weeks, we will be surveying school families to determine the need to offer COVID-19 vaccines on campus.



What Do I Do When…? Please check the COVID-19 Campus Response 2021-22 for details regarding what happens when COVID-19 related events occur in the Blue Wave Community. Most importantly, if you suspect your student is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or has had contact with a positive case of COVID-19, keep students at home and contact | 352.294.7293



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